Baby Pillow Lounger DIY

So as you may or may not know, my husband and I had our first baby back in November and it has changed our lives forever, in all the best ways.  My little one is the joy of my life and all he wants to do his cuddle with me all day and night, unfortunately not allowing me to do such things as eat, fold laundry, etc... and I needed a spot to lay him down where he would still feel held.  Enter this pillow!  Inspired by luxury baby pillows online, this is the low budget version, which you will see by the materials needed.

*DISCLAIMER* Use lounger at your own risk. Never leave child unsupervised.

Materials: 2 pillowcases and 1 pillow, needle, pins, thread, scissors,  ruler, iron, ironing board and (optional) sewing machine.
Yes. That is it.

Start by flipping the pillow case inside out and ironing.

Then using a ruler mark 6 1/2 inches from each corner and mark a square.

Using the inner mark as a fulcrum, mark 6 1/2 inches away in an arc.

Pencil the line in.

Pin along line and stitch with a straight stitch.

Repeat on all 4 corners, but on the bottom 2, where the opening is, stitch inside your pencil line about the width of your presser foot, stopping at the end of your pencil mark.

Trim away excess fabric, turn right side out, and iron.

Mark 6 inches inward from both sides of pillowcase and mark points, connect into line and pin.  Repeat on both sides

The middle line is placed between these 2 lines, extending past by 3 inches.

Stitch over pencil lines.

Take filling out of other pillow and stuff outer edge.  May need to use a tool, like a ruler, to shove filling up towards top. Stitch opening shut by hand.

And your pillow is complete! And because it was made from a pillowcase, you can use another pillowcase over it as a sheet!

Till next time! ♥️


  1. Alsmost just spent $170 on a snuggle me organic for my newbie! You have just saved me so much money! Thank you so much

    1. I'm so glad that it was helpful :) Congratulations to you for your little one!

  2. What are the dimensions of the pillow cases used?

    1. These were Standard/Queen size pillowcases, but if I did this again, I would make the sleeper itself out of a King size pillowcase, and use the Standard size as the covers, as stuffing the pillowcase made it a bit smaller where the cover isn't that snug. Now that could be remedied by sewing the covers smaller, but I like being able to use the pillowcases again later.

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  4. I'm confused after doing the three lines do you ssrw across so filling disent go into the middle ??

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