FREE Download American Girl Doll Cape

I created this pattern as a small scale mock-up for a life-size pattern, but it just turned out too cute not to share!  I have the pattern for you to download here → American Girl Doll Cape Pattern

List of Materials:

  • Fabric (approximately half a yard total)
  • Thread
  • Needles/Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins
  • Closure of choice

1. First things first you will lay out the pattern on your fabric and cut out the pieces.  This cape has 2 layers, so if you would like a contrasting lining, every piece will be cut out of your fashion fabric and your lining fabric.  For this example, I used the same fabric for both layers.

2. Next, you will connect each "side" piece to the front or back pieces.  First, you will line up the straight edge of the shoulder and the end of the curve of the side piece.

Then you will line up the straight edges at the end.

You will follow along with the straight edges up towards the curve and then ease around the curve, pining as you go.

And then you will sew all of these pieces.

3.  On to the next step!  You will sew the side seams and the center back seam together.

4.  Now you will be placing the right sides together and pining all around the edge except the back piece neckline.

5.  You can now turn the whole cape inside out through the gap, making sure to poke out the corners.  I should say here that you should do as I say and not as I do and be ironing as you go.  I was incredibly lazy and waited till the end to pull out my ironing board and I definitely would have had a much more polished final product if I had.  You will now turn the seam allowance in at the back neckline and stitch close to the edge.

6. At this step, there is an optional detail of little slits for the hands to poke out of the cape.  This is done with either the buttonhole stitch on your machine or by hand.  Then you are able to attach the closure of your choice!  You could use a loop and button, 2 ribbons tied together, or I used a needle and ran thread through both edges and tied knots at the end, and that's it!

Now go ye forth and make as many little capes for your dolls as ye well please!

Till next time! ♥️


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