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FREE Download American Girl Doll Cape

I created this pattern as a small scale mock-up for a life-size pattern, but it just turned out too cute not to share!  I have the pattern for you to download here → American Girl Doll Cape Pattern

List of Materials:

Fabric (approximately half a yard total)ThreadNeedles/Sewing MachineScissorsSewing PinsClosure of choice

1. First things first you will lay out the pattern on your fabric and cut out the pieces.  This cape has 2 layers, so if you would like a contrasting lining, every piece will be cut out of your fashion fabric and your lining fabric.  For this example, I used the same fabric for both layers.

2. Next, you will connect each "side" piece to the front or back pieces.  First, you will line up the straight edge of the shoulder and the end of the curve of the side piece.

Then you will line up the straight edges at the end.

You will follow along with the straight edges up towards the curve and then ease around the curve, pining as you go.

And then you will sew all of these p…

1860s Hand-sewn Corset

Follow along with my sewing of this 1865 corset!

Drafting Your Own Size For My 1940s Blouse Pattern

I want to begin first with clarifying that this is not how to draft any blouse pattern, but particularly my 1940s Vintage Inspired Blouse, from the previous blog post.  Not necessarily a beginner's tutorial, but hopefully still simple to follow!

To draft this pattern you will need:

Measuring tapePencilA large sheet of paper (wrapping paper, wax paper, newspaper, etc...)CalculatorFrench Curve Ruler (click to download from

1. So your first step is to gather your own measurements, whether for your self or another person.  You will want your measurements to comfortable, not too loose or too tight.

You will need measurements of:

Bust*Waist*Length from base of neck to desired shirt lengthLength from base of neck to waistLength from top of shoulder to armscye (below armpit)Circumference of bicep*Length from base of neck to end of the shoulder
*You will need to add wearing ease.  This is a fitted blouse so I would recommend 2 inches to the bust, and 1 1/2 inches…

FREE Download 1940s Vintage-Inspired Blouse Pattern

Why hello there!
To dive right in, I designed this vintage-inspired blouse, made multiple blouses for myself with it, and now would like to share it with you!  To begin, go ahead and download the pattern here → Blouse Pattern

Now this pattern was drafted for measurements of 34" Bust, 26" Waist, and 39" Hip, so if this size won't fit you, tune in to my next blog post for a tutorial on how to grade this pattern to any size!

Now onto the sewing instructions!

A couple of general notes first:
All seams are sewn with a 5/8" seam allowance unless otherwise specifiedYou can use woven or knit fabric with this pattern, but make sure fabric is pre-shrunk

Materials needed: 1 1/4 yards of Fabric (More if matching patterns and stripes)Chalk or Fabric MarkerButtonsThreadScissorsSewing PinsIron/Ironing Board
1. You will begin by ironing your fabric, laying out the pattern pieces, and cutting them all out.  You may notice that not all of my pieces match, and that is because I only had …